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Montgomery County and Hyattsville Ceiling Fan Installation

Summers are always welcome but not on days when it gets incredibly hot and humid. Ceiling fans can literally save you on such days. Ceiling fans are versatile and serve multiple functions in a house. They keep your house cooler in summer, warmer in winter and circulate stagnant air. Ernest Electric in Hyattsville, Maryland is a ceiling fan installation and electrical wiring expert and also specializes in a variety of residential and commercial electrical services.

A ceiling fan is a great idea because:

  • Ceiling fans circulate air and keep it from getting stale. It gives you the feeling of breathing in fresher air.
  • Ceiling fans keep you cool in summers. It creates a breeze effect that makes the room feel cooler.
  • Ceiling fans keep you warmer in winter. Reverse the switch on your fan such that air blows upward. The heat is forced to get back down to keep you warm.
  • A tastefully chosen ceiling fan can add to the appeal of the room. There are fans equipped with lights available. Lights can also be retrofitted by a skilled electrical contractor such as Ernest Electric in Maryland.

Although some people choose to install a fan on their own, it is advisable to get professionals like our Montgomery County and Hyattsville ceiling fan installation and wiring team to hnadle it since fans are heavy and need to be properly anchored to an electric ceiling box.

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