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Recessed Light Installation

At Ernest Electric, we treat lighting as a part of interior and exterior design. Recessed lighting is a great option to bring your living spaces alive. It is a popular home improvement people want to install in their houses. We have installed recessed lighting in Hyattsville residential and commercial properties, and throughout Maryland, D.C., and surrounding areas.

Benefits Of Ernest Electric of Hyattsville's Recessed Lighting Installations:

  • It creates the illusion of more space. It gives a soft glow, blurring the edges making spaces appear larger than they are.
  • Recessed lighting embraces your décor with a warm glow instead of shining harsh light directly onto the walls and the floor. If you wish to highlight a painting or wall accent, recessed lighting can highlight it from behind subtly drawing attention to it. An experienced electrical contractor such as Ernest Electric, Maryland can suggest various options of using recessed lighting innovatively to highlight your pieces of art or frames.
  • Recessed lighting can be used in a variety of ways – to provide a warm glow or to highlight a particular spot in the room without being obtrusive.
  • Lighting that is recessed can be used to provide dimming effects or large amounts of light depending upon the type of room, for example, soft light in bathrooms, bright in kitchens or dimmable lights in an audio-visual equipment room.

Homeowners across Maryland have installed recessed lighting safely with the help of Ernest Electric Electrical Contractors. To understand how you can give your home a makeover with recessed lighting, call 301-277-5176 NOW to speak with our local Hyattsville recessed lighting install and repair team!

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